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sparky 2

Photo post #19839190803409

Oh! Oh! Who's a cutie??? 
That was my first official school photo, in Grade One.

 Heh. A very unimpressed witch. Age 11.
 Flashing some leg. Frightful little tart. First official portrait, aged around 1.

 Yep, strawberry-blonde. Aged 3, with my one-year old sister, gollygirl.

C'mon, I wanna see your baby pics, too!


Wheee! What a sweetheart! You're simply lovely! And so blonde!!

How much do I love old slides and pics with those shades of color?

Mhmm... i do have a few old pics of mine uploaded on Photobucket... Mhmmm...
Heh. I looked at the third picture (the sepia one) and I thought, "Wow! Even as a baby I had big feet!"

I love old slides and photos, too. I often buy them from second-hand stores, photos of strangers in old clothes and hairstyles.

I'm so glad you posted yours, too! I'm still grinning at how *cute* you were as a munchkin!
hehe :]
C'mon ... post some of yours! Little Jelly was a cutie!
id have to find them and scan them
actually there used to be some on my old web site ...*goes looking *
This is an awesome idea. I must try and hunt through all the still-packed boxes of our possesions and find mine.
Yes! Do it! I love baby photos :-)
Look at your teefs in the first one! :D

You look so much like Dad and Beamer in the skirt-lifting photo! You really can tell it's you as a baby and young child, you look the same.
I was so proud that my tooth was about to fall out ... I'm an idiot.

And yeah, it freaks me out how recognisable I am when comparing baby to full grown. And look at you, you little dumpling!
Awwww, these are adorable! :)