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ice queen


I really think I'm going to love this new job!

Tomorrow, I get to settle in my new office. I've done my Right of Entry training, so I'm now legally entitled to a permit allowing me on to worksites in an official union capacity. I'm doing something different every moment, not sitting down widening my arse 8 hours a day, typing the same old stuff into the computer. And, I feel like I'm using my powers for good again. Aaaahhh.

And my workmates are cool! One of them is from Uruguay, so I get to practice my Spanish on her. (Heh. She says my pronunciation is excellent- but that could be because she says Uruguayans are the Ockers of the hispanic world!)

On top of that, my old mate Lea has moved to Melbourne. Now I only have to convince Arwen and Linn (yeah, right), and drag Trev back from China and all will be as it should. 

Now thinking about the getting of an amp and speakers to give me a decent music-playing capacity at home.  Enjoyable work, good friends and music. sigh. Ain't life grand?
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excellent :]]

hey tell me when your free for lunch this week or sumthing :]
i've got my first rdo this friday - lea and i were gonna head to the qv market and were wondering if you wanted to come? we can have a browse, some lunch, coffee, a nice day out ...
hah :]]

okies this sounds good :]
cool! should be fun. i also will have to go to vic roads in the morning to get a copy of the 'learn to drive' booklet. aaarrrggghh. sigh.