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ice queen


OMG, aren't these the COOLEST bears you've ever seen??? Apparently from a drawing by sharplittlteeth, made by andricongirl. If you haven't seen her other awesome toys, go check her website. /PSA

Also exciting me at the moment is the week off I have coming up. I finally cracked and decided to have a week off work - the first annual leave I've taken since I went to Europe in October 2005. I've been so tired lately ... I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing but sleep and slob. Unless andricongirl can come up with a good reason for me to leave the house at some point :-)

Oh, annual leave. How I love you so. And I'll still have five weeks left for going to Europe in January!


I'm sure i could think of something to drag you out of the house :]

oh and ive made another beaar, he has red chest/feet/ears
but my iphoto has cracked shits and im trying to fix it so no piccies up yet :]
I'll be in Oz in two days or so! Keep wondering if I could organise coming to visit - would that be creepy and odd or fun, in your humble opinion? =) Lemme know =)
It would be AWESOME fun :-) ... bear in mind, though, that Melbourne is quite a ways from the Gold Coast. But hey, if you get to my end of the country it would be excellent!!!
Email me a cell number or something - with any luck I'll find a way to read mail over there =)