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I just heard back from the vet - she was supposed to call yesterday ... I took Dion in for a 3 month blood/urine check up for her kidney disease on Saturday. The vet was impressed with how well she looked, commented on her thick, shiny fur and was pleased that D had gained 300 grams. She even commented that D "doesn't look a day over ten!" (she'll be 18 in October). Well, the vet said that D's kidneys have improved since her diagnosis!!! She - of course - still has kidney disease, but it's showing as early stages, and if I keep her on this diet things should keep going well. She doesn't have to go back for another check up for 6 months, since they were so pleased with her progress.   :-) This makes me a very happy mummy.

In honour of the happiness, here - look at some pretty pics of my girl.


*hugs for you and pats for kitteh* Wonderful news!

And how cute and cuddly is she, all curled up like that? I love how cats can curl themselves up like snailshells.
:-D Thank you! (and kitteh thanks you too :-)) <-- looks like a double chin when you close parentheses after a smiley :-\

Oh, to have the ability to curl up like that ... I often have foetal urges ... actually, my greatest desire would be to be able to sleep underwater curled up like that - I guess I really miss the womb, huh? O_o
*pats for sweet old kitty*
:-) She loves pats. So, is AO shunning you, or all over you?
Yay Mooch Pooch!!! What wonderful news :D We love you Diona :D *pats pats pats*
Yay! \o/ She loves you, too. And she *loooooves* pats.
sweetest kitty EVER.
Thou speaketh the truth.