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*headdesk* ... but in a good way ...???

So I have apparently just bought a laptop. Second hand. Ex-government. How cool would it be if there were overlooked secret files that I discovered on it, and a thrilleresque chase were to ensue in which I run for my life and hide and eventually bring about the downfall of a corrupt government minister???
It's *headdesk* because the money is coming out of my "I'm *going* to Europe in January, goddammit!" savings account, but I *have* wanted one for forever and it came with a free carrybag ... *sighs at my own extravagance* I'm not going anywhere or doing anything for the next 6 months.

But, I'm still in a good mood. So - here are more happy photos!!!

Jonquils and a birdy from my garden.
 A fish in the sky!
 The yummy snackfood I bought for my week off.
mmmm, goat's cheese .... *drools*
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