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ice queen

La la la, Melbourne is great...

So,  Friday I had my first RDO (rostered day off, for those who didn't know - a day in which you get paid to NOT come to work. I get them every two weeks with my new job OHGODILOVEMYNEWJOB!!!!). 

Sleep in, meet up with andricongirl and my friend Lea, coffee, then trawling through Vic market looking for goodies. Indulged the sockwhore gene and bought two pairs of stripey knee highs. Also, an awesome new handbag which I should photograph so that you'd know what it looks like - but i can't be bothered. Lunch=Japanese Pancake at Melbourne Central. More shopping. Coffee at Degraves. More shopping. Drinks at St Jeromes. Then off to the footy! Not to watch, of course, but to hand out cards advertising the "Your Rights At Work" rally this Wednesday 10AM at Fed Square - Be There! Bought too many DVDs at JB on the way home.... Very tired.

Saturday saw another sleep in (Yay for sleeping in!) and then breakfast while we watched the first disc from the Family Guy Season 4 boxset which was one of my Friday purchases. Then off to Barkly Square for some serious grocery shopping. Left Lea at the tram stop and walked back to Spotlight to meet up again with andricongirl, who was in the neighbourhood, and trudged back up Sydney Rd towards home, feet absolutely NOT recovered from the previous day's mammoth-amounts-of-walking-and-new-shoes fiasco. Popped in to the IGA (pronounced "igga" these days folks, if you wanna be cool!) to collect something sweet and Italian to go with coffee. Came out to find Angelica talking to someone who turned out to be MY OLD MATE SANDY!!!!! Haven't seen him in AGES, had no way of tracking him down ... old phone number, old email address, his mum had moved, I'd bewailed my inability to find him when I moved over, only to run into him outside the iga one day and to find that he lives a few blocks from me!!!! I love my life!

Finally, Sunday has been a day of washing, dvds, and just now - a long chat to emily. sigh. As much as I love my new job, it'd be so great if I didn't have to get up and go to work tomorrow


how funny was it to find sandy at the IGA, living so close to you :P
Yay for finding Sandy again :) Is Lea still staying with you? Say hi to her for me if she is, and tell her Dion says "Eck".

You always get stripey socks! And please remember I have heart problems, don't go saying things like "I went to the football" and scare me!