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Random Photo Post.


Brunswick - Sydney Road and my backyard.

Click on the lj cut for finger puppet philosophers and other such highbrow ... stuff.

Kant, Nietzsche, Plato and Schopenhauer - my finger puppet philosophers.


Alana's latest kitsch horror for the lounge room wall, and the latest range of take-away coffee cups.


cool, i love the puppets :}
heh. they're so much fun.

Does me make a leetle bit lowbrow or just simply A Slasher For Whom There Is No Hope[tm] that I looked at pic #3 and immediately giggled because of "Plato! And JOBS! Heh!" ?

*attempt at innocent look* Sorry. :)
Heh. You're incorrigible!

I'm sure he wouldn't've said no to the odd "job" here and there...

Heh. Oddjob. *snerk*