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... and a few more, before I go to bed. I hate getting up early.


Yes, I am an enormous dork. One day I'll get around to photographing the Wraith St sign, too.


Taken on A'Beckett St, around the corner from Queen.
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Heh- I like the sign. While we were in Rome, twincy took great joy in photographing the Pegaso airport shuttle van. It was close anyway.
there's a business around town somewhere, i see their truck. it says "atlantis= solutions". everytime i see it i think, "ATLANTIS!!! Hee!" God, I'm such a dork.
I enjoy these photoposts. And I would totally have taken a picture of Flanigan St. too.
except in Australia you have lanes?
lanes are skinny streets
Melbourne is full of lanes, in the city and the inner (and older) suburbs. They're usually wide enough for one car, and are mostly used by foot traffic, or accessing rear-entry car parking. In the city, they are really cool, old architecture covered in lots of funky graffiti. There are some that have been turned into cafe/bar strips, like DeGraves Lane, Hardware Lane and Centre Place. Full of groovy little cafes and bars ... very cool. Check out these links: http://thatsmelbourne.com.au/info.cfm?top=259&pg=2183&cID=119 and http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/info.cfm?top=259&pg=2183&cID=113
That's such a cool idea. I'm trying to think if we have anything like that, but I think generally when people call things lanes they're just trying to be twee. In my region, we'd call a small road Whatever Creek, but that's pretty rural.
we'd call a small road Whatever Creek

heh. And would they pronounce it "crick"???? Cos that would be so funny! :-)
:-) Thank you! And glad to know I'm not alone in my dorkdom. There's a McKay St, but it's on the way to the airport - not conducive to getting a photo.

Heh, when I was driving to Croatia last summer we came through Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and the abbreviation for the city was "LJ". My friend (on LJ too) and I went completely crazy *g*
Heh. We're all just a big bunch of dorks!!!