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A Very Important Poll.

Poll #1046784 The most important poll ever created.

Those combination utensils are called:

Oh my god, don't waste my time.


Depends on the type of combination you're meaning...

Is it spoonish with a cutting edge but no tines? It's a splade.

Is it spoonish with tines? It's a spork.

Alphonse is probably what those weird pasta-servers-cum-salad-tossers we got at The Swedish Shop Wot Shall Not Be Named Ever More recently are called. :)

And I've just realised I have even MORE hate for people who use the word "cum" in place of "come" - even MORE than I already had! - because, ohgods, using the word in its proper usage now just makes my eyes sad. Especially when the context is unfortunate enough to have the word "tossers" used in its proper usage as well. Gah!
I've never seen one that is spoonish with a cutting blade but no tines ... I've always seen spoonish with cutting blade *and* tines. I was just discussing it with my colleague - we both have grown up calling them splades, but everyone online seems to call them sporks.

Alphonse is a good name, and should be applied to something, even if it's faux-Swedish cum tossers XD
Actually, I call them 'totally unecessary', but that's just my opinion. Maybe people in nursing homes find them very useful?
Oh! Oh! Don't diss the splade, man! I love splades. They're spoons! They're forks! They're knives! They're the ultimate in efficiency!