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Lea came over for dinner, and before I made the Haloumi & Pine nut salad, we had coriander pesto, asparagus pesto, olives, cheeses and crackers(es - two kinds) for appetisers. I bit down on a cracker with coriander pesto and hit something really hard ... my tooth hurts. *looks unhappy* Even two bottles of wine didn't help. Still, we watched a couple of old eps of Without a Trace (she recently saw some early eps and got hooked) and had a good old natter - just like the old days. *looks happier*

Also, today we (Alana and I) went shopping!!! We bought tomato bushes, a dolly (trolley) for helping us move heavy things in our up coming move, some hedge clippers, dynamic lifter (stinky garden stuff) and LIQUID NAILS - FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY! Actually, mostly just useful for the tenant about to move out of a falling down house who wants to get their security bond back. 

I also got sheets. Mmmmm, new sheets. Mine are cotton. Black. Does that say something about me? The thread count is not as high as I wanted, but I didn't want to spend $110. Also, they only had one set in both a decent colour and the right size. Hence, black. 

Hmmm. Just realised we forgot to eat the fresh pineapple we bought for dessert. Oh, well. We'll just have to eat it tomorrow.  It's hard being me, sometimes.




The dinner sounds nice, except for the hidden pesto-mine.

'Twas nice. The tooth seems okay now, too.