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Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce? BRILLIANT.

Next time, I'm adding walnuts. *drools*

Tomorrow morning we pick up the keys for our new house. We're already planning on how we're gonna dig up all the rocket bushes we can to transplant to our new garden. Growing your own greens? So.Damn.Good.

Also? Steamed organic asparagus (aka: sparrow guts)? GENIUS. 'Specially when sprinkled with goat's chevre. God, I'm such a cheese whore.

Now to go finish my cab sav! 

(The point of the icon? I had dumplings for lunch. Mmmmm, dumplings. *drools again*)

/end pointless foodie post.


Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce? BRILLIANT.

Does this statement come with a recipe? :)
Hee! I just sauteed some chopped, fresh silverbeet with some fakin'-bacon (vege-bacon) and 3 cloves of garlic, then put that aside & made a white sauce & stirred in crumbled blue cheese and added the silverbeet/bacon/garlic and some chopped fresh parsley. Then I stirred the sauce through the cooked gnocchi. IT WAS SOOOOO YUMMY!