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ice queen


The net is still up. I'm about to head to bed. Just bought a ticket to the second day of the Armageddon Expo - which will feature Joe Flanigan, Richard Horvitz, Billy West and (hee!) Jay Laga'aia. I've never been to a convention before. I get to gawk at teh stars for a paltry $16. Huh. 

So very tired. G'night.

Psst: andricongirl - you still cool for Friday? And hey, wanna come gawk with me at the above? Richard Horvitz = voice of Zim ... !


cool, hell yeah come earlier, I'll feed you lunch :-) AVOID ANYTHING FOOTBALLY AT ALL COSTS!

Armageddon is October 14 (Sunday). Well, it's on the Saturday too, but I'm going only on the Sunday. Come with me!
yeah really dont want to get stuck in football crowds ! :[

ill see if i have any moneys on the 16th :P