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jealous john

JFlan - How do you do it?

So Mr Flananigan landed in Melbourne this morning and managed to spend a good hour giving coherent answers to fan questions at the Armageddon Expo today. Also, he looked damn fine. Pete, little brother, I hope you appreciate the 3 long hours I had to queue for your signed photo. It took so damn long getting the Flan's scrawl that I didn't really have time to do anything else ('cept for go to his panel, and buy some Firefly figures. Hee! Now I have my own Mal!) Flan was very polite, but a little too jetlagged to make much small talk, bless him. No chance for close-up photos, as Flan had asked for no photos due to how much it held up the autograph line (and a valid call, really). I did get some photos, however, of varying quality.  Such as ...


Non-Flannish Phots:


Wonder Woman and some SG:1 types, and one of Invader Zim's countrywomen.

 andricongirl's friend, Jason Badower, who draws comics for Heroes - he was quite busy all day drawing head and shoulder sketches of people for $10.

A good but tiring experience, all in. Hello to lucifers_toy, who I chatted with in the queue. Hope you liked your free concert afterwards. FYI: Alan Tudyk looks tiny in the flesh - very fine-featured (and hot!)

Got home around 6pm without having eaten since breakfast - the joys of queueing.  Alana took pity on me and made me baked beans on sourdough with avocado. Yum. Hit the spot. I'm pretty tired, now - gonna try to kick back and see if I can focus enough to read the fire_ficthat yin_again wrote for me ... I'm very excited! I'll try to catch up with comments owed to people very soon - but probably not tonight. I'm too old for all this excitement. ;-)

PS: Giggle of the day - Flan was asked whether the chemistry between Rodney and Sheppard carried over into real life. Flan answered: "It's platonic!", then went on to say that he and David get along very well. Very shortly after, he mentioned that David had just had a baby, to which someone in the crowd yelled: "I thought you said it was platonic!" Heh. Good fun.
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OMG! It's Joe Flanigan-- EEEE! I'm so jealous now!!! *sigh* He looks so great in that shirt too.

The "It's platonic!" comment cracked me up. He must get that question a lot. :o)
He looked very fine indeed in person. The Q&A was good, shame he was so jetlagged by the time I got to speak to him. Poor bugger.
That is so cool. ::squees vicariously::
Hee. The Flan is fine :-)

Dawww, I love how he always seems to have perpetual bedhair! :D A fine, fiiine lookin' man, to be sure. I'm gonna pimp this post to another JF fan on my Flist, if that's okay with you. I almost expected to see _inbetween_'s name on your Flist, actually, what with the world of Fandom being >< that small and all. *grin*
Heh. His hair is a large part of his charm. He is very fine indeed. Your pimping started an avalanche! I don't think my journal has ever had so many visitors!
Thank you, I linked to you.
I saw the link. Cheers for that. Glad you enjoyed the pics.
The man is so, so pretty. Thank you for sharing your pictures with the rest of us. :)
He is very, very pretty indeed. Glad you liked. :-) Only wish they were better (got stuck in the last row of the auditorium).
Awww, thanks for all the pics!
You're welcome. Glad you liked.
ZOMG hot!!! Thanks for sharing the pics! *stares*
You're welcome! I wish I could've been nearer the front, instead of in the back row. Would've been better shots then!
Yay! Sounds like you had an awesome time. Tell Alana to send me some dinner too, 'cos yours sounds amazing. I return I may even translate the anchovies song into Afrikaans for her, or something ;)

Thank you so much for sharing! JF still looks mighty fine!
Awww thanks for posting these! Brings back happy memories of seeing Joe myself at London Expo last year. :D

How can the man manage to make even jetlag (and a checked shirt!) look sexy?!! :D
You're welcome, glad you liked.

I do believe the Flan could make a hangover in a monk's habit look sexy... he has a gift ;-)
Thanks for sharing the pics of Joe. He is too hot for words. How does he make stubble and a plaid shirt look so hot? Guh! Thank you for posting these - they are gorgeous.
:-) You're welcome, I'm glad you liked them. Joe makes everything look hot ... it's his special talent.
Arriving here on the referral of another of the mad stampede to lovingly, lustingly look upon the luscious Joe... thank you greatly for sharing!!
Hee - my journal has seen more action today than it will see over the rest of its lifetime. Glad you enjoyed the pics, thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for the pics! I didn't even know he was in the country >< Although I probably couldn't have escaped work and husband to go perve.
Well, he said he was heading off to Byron today to go surfing ... you could always ditch the hubby for a roadtrip!
Thank you for the pics and report. He really is quite beautiful (especially in that second photo)!
I'm glad you liked them. The second picture would have been so much better if that girl hadn't run in front of me as I took the picture :-( That's what the streaks are ... it was a longish exposure. It was such a nice shot, otherwise!
Hey! Tis I, the random in the queue behind you! And how the hell did you get such awesome photos?

XD when I got my autograph, I gave him flowers, and he wrote on my photo "Shameeta, Thank you for the flowers, XXOO" then his signature.

Also, I friended you.

(And the Vegemite part was giggle-worthy also)
Ooooh yes, and the concert was INCREDIBLE! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you! *beams* I haven't stopped smiling all day. Best. Weekend. Evah!!1!

It's all I can think to say!
I think that's a perfectly acceptable response!
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