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Up yours, Spring.

 Could I be any more over hayfever? My last coughing fit was so violent 5 different people came to make sure I was okay.  Screw you, pollen, and the horse you rode in on.

That put a bit of a dampener on my happy. I'd just received an email out of the blue from a guy I used to correspond with almost 10 years ago. This guy wrote the best letters. I was just thinking about him recently, when I found what was probably my last letter to him ... that I never posted. Also, found little trinkets he'd sent me when I was unpacking the last box of stuff at the end of my move. I can't tell you how happy it made me to hear from him. We now have each other's current addresses - let's hope I don't fuck it up this time!

On the moving front - we finally found the perfect shelving solution for all our videos, dvds, cds and audio tapes on the weekend. They were delivered this morning, and just need cleaning and painting (as they're secondhand). No, IKEA - you will not have my money! We also picked up a turntable for $50 from K-Mart - woo! Bring on the vinyl! I haven't heard some of my records in too damn long. 

Reminder to Melbournites: Housewarming this Saturday, 3pm onwards. If you can come and want the address, drop me a line. 

Now I just need a sunny day to take more pics to show you how it's looking. Ah, Melbourne. 27 degrees one day, 17 the next. Which leads me back to the beginning of this post ...


I've been wanting something that plays vinyl for ages and ages now. I've been collecting all these old vinyl records at flea markets and so on, because the sound is just heavenly - i get all rapturous and filled with glee and have to go and lie down if i think about it too much - but can't possibly afford a new record player, and there isn't much going second hand. I'll find one eventually though.

Also - totally agree re the pollen. The pretty nature tries to kill me with it too. I have anti-histamines in every bag and drawer and car ;)
I was stoked to get the record player. Mine broke down a few years ago, and they were a little hard to come by for a while. I'd been planning to buy one of the $100 jobs that plug into the computer, but I'd always put it off ... it was so much fun playing my old stuff on the weekend!

Re: the hayfever ... I only appear to really have problems with the trees that grow on the street outside my office - they're covered in these balls that bust open to spread fluffy yellow stuff everywhere. I even took my antihistimines this morning, but still had the coughing attack. I hate the coughing - it's so scary, like you can't stop, can't breathe. *shakes fist at nature*
Those balls you're describing are notorious cultprits.
who's this guy then eh ? ;p
Damien, from Canada - I used to write to him back when we lived in Canning Street ... I still have the letters, he's such a good writer.