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Rilestar04 by carrieross J/R pic in pic

A few SGA things

1. Joe's shirt (from the Armaggedon Expo) was actually an orange/red cowboy shirt, not a lumberjack shirt. It had the pearly buttons, the cowboy-style cuffs, and was cotton, not flannel. Just so you know.

2. Love this bit from Robert C Cooper (copied off Joe Mallozzi's blog) regarding the placement of the paddles in the shocking scene from Doppelganger: 

As far as the defibrillating not being high enough, Joe Flannigan didn’t want to take his shirt off. Something about causing too much squee? I didn’t get it myself but whatever.

Oh, that made me laugh.

3. Loved the entry from pisces227on the Armaggedon Expo, where she talks about the trip being a holiday for Joe and his wife (God knows, they'd need it. It must be so hard to maintain an 11 year marriage with 3 kids and him being away so much of the year.) She (?) also mentions that Joe made his necklace himself, and the new beaded bracelet was made by him and his son. I think the things that have come out of this convention have shown Joe to be somewhat different to the image of 'Horribly Conservative Trust Fund Baby with Silver Spoon in his mouth' which has somehow been circulating the fandom (where it came from, I don't know, but it doesn't seem to sit too well with what's been seen and said lately.

Gonna work on an RL update next ... been slack cos I'm on holiday this week. Haven't been very diligent in keeping up with the ol' friends list. Also, dragontatt? I'm sorry on the delay with the read-through - was too busy on Friday at work, Saturday was the house-warming party and Sunday was the hangover ... Mon-Wed was lying on the couch going: "I'M ON HOLIDAY! YAY! I'M ON HOLIDAY!" I hope to have it back to you today, though. (And I just saw your haircut - adorable!!!)


I'm very glad to know the news about the Flan-man (?)- shirt and family life details are so important, ya know.

And it was no real prob about the delay, you've been busy so I forgive you-;). And I'm glad you like the hair.