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JS Mill

Right Brain vs Left Brain Test

Go check out this link. My sister sent me this. Let me know which way the dancer turns for you!

But don't watch for too long - you get dizzy.


Hey, that's awesome. For me it was clockwise; et tu?
For me, it started anti-clockwise, then it switched. I was looking at it and it would only spin anti, then I looked at the print next to the picture and realised that out of the corner of my eye I could see it turning clockwise. After that, it stayed clockwise until I looked away from the screen and repeated the process!
Oooh. You're, um, amidextrous?
Heh. I am, actually.
I finally got the trick of switching its direction - I have to look at the foot, and imagine the toe traveling in a straight line across the screen - but otherwise it always comes up as clockwise.
It's funny, for me it always comes up as anti-clockwise, until I look at the text to the left of it, then it switches direction.

Clock wise.

And I wanted it to be anti.

Re: Clock wise.

You prefer to be logical instead of creative? Or do you just like being anti? ;-)