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J/R the game

New JFlan pics.

Found at the website of the pro photographers, click here for more. Be aware, clicking on the image does not lead to a larger version, despite what it says.

ETA: Also, NZ official photos with fans are here.



Thanks for this! Too bad there are no larger versions.
You're welcome! And yes, the bigger the Flan, the better!
I was linked here from the sga_newsletter and I just have to say that I prefer the pictures you took at the convention. Your pictures are less high school yearbook, more sexiness overload. So, great job!
Heh. Thanks! These are a bit yearbooky, aren't they? I appreciate you going to the effort of commenting like this. Cheers.
Yay more pics. Thanks for pointing these out.

I hope they are having a fantastic vacation.
You're welcome.

And a week away together without the kids? I'd say the Flans probably had a blast!

Also - welcome to the f-list! I look forward to seeing your photo posts. I'll be putting some photos up myself later today (hopefully). Not Flan pics, but other stuff. I love my camera. :-)