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Photo post #239402u5-02

1. Take a slide projector.
2. Add a mask on a wall.
3. Throw in some home-made (by me & Lan) slides & some secondhand ones.
4. Grab your digital camera and go nuts.

Go from this:                                                                                      To this:

and many more under the



Taken while Alana was changing the slides:

I think this might be my favourite:

Creepy Dog!

'Tis image-heavy, I warn ye. (That's pirate-speak for 'There's lots of photos!") I think I need sleep.

The mask is of Alana's (my housemate) face, by the way. 


Those are eerily beautiful but seriously disturbing at the same time! I love it! :D
:-) Thanks, matey! I had so much fun taking them.