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Mmmmm, cookies!

Well, the Date Cake was a resounding success. It was my grandmother's recipe - totally awesome cook, she was. I should send her a postcard and tell her. She's in a nursing home (had a stroke a couple of years ago and is half-paralysed) and she gets very bored. I'm such a terrible letter-writer, but I need to make the effort and contact her. Sigh. Old age is a bitch.

I was so heartened by the cake that I went ahead and made bread today. With caraway seeds. The yeast was pretty old, but it still worked fairly well - the bread was very delicious. Also baked some more chocolate mud cookies (from the pre-made cookie dough rolls - I vaguely remember trying some years ago ... but not since). They're pretty tasty, too. Alana and I have been cooking-crazy lately. Lan made potstickers the other night (and the most AWESOME salad, with a sesame oil/lime/soy dressing), and we used the leftover filling to make little spring rolls tonight. Another salad, too - with homegrown lettuce & flowers & herbs. Daylight saving = excellent salad weather.

Public holiday today (Melbourne Cup Day - boring reason, but paid days off are always for the good!) Unfortunately, work tomorrow. Sigh. I needs me a Sugardaddy! Or a sizeable lotto win. I'm afraid the second option is more likely for me (and we all know the odds on those).

In other news: my cat is insufferably cute. Also, she let me sleep in today. I ♥ her.


Gah, every time you use that icon I want steamed dumplings with dipping sauce. I crave it. Bad! Bad icon!

And good kitty :-)
Hee! Is there ready access to dumplings in your town? I remember when I was in Heidelberg, my friends were complaining about how difficult it is to find the necessary spices & ingredients for making Indian food - there are restaurants, but if you want to cook it yourself, you have to go hunting. Also, they said they missed the ready availability of pre-made dips & crackers that they used to eat a lot of when they lived in Australia. Hmm, I feel a post coming on ...

There are no dumplings in my town, but plenty of Chinese. They just make different dishes, delicious, but different. I might be able to get them in one of the more expensive sit-down restaurants, but it's not like I can just call up and order take-out :-(

Yes, it's frustrating here food wise. We always look for things we are accustomed to, when I guess we should really learn to accept/appreciate the local cuisine. When I first moved here, there was nothing in the way of 'American' food stuffs. No chips or dips NO FUCKING MEXICAN (which nearly broke me). Then I learned to substitute with Turkish spices to make my own. Now, you can find a much greater variety of foods, and Mexican (tortillas, jalapeños, taco chips, salsa) are in all the big stores. Now if I could just get dumplings...