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ice queen

Oh, Brunswick.

I love Brunswick. Here are some of the reasons why - from my new neighbourhood. 
1. Interesting cement graffiti:

 Funnily, at first I kept trying to translate this from French to English - the little gap between the S and the B threw me. Once I realised what it said, I cracked up. There's also the little conjoined women symbols out of frame to the left. (The second line reads "love", in case you can't make it out.)

My favourite house in my new neighbourhood (besides my own!):

As you can see by the old advertisement painted on the side, this used to be a local shop. The glass shop windows have been bricked up, and the left side has been converted to a courtyard with the living areas at the rear and on the right side. Such a cool thing to do with and old building!


An old factory and Judo school - both still in operation.

There are a line of these cement balls stretched along the front of this little park. The letters spell out "Randazzo" (presumably the name of the park), and are lit from within at night.

I do love Brunswick, but it does have other aspects to it. I took the first photo on the way to work on Wednesday. A block along from where I took it, I passed a tiny Aboriginal lady sitting in the middle of the footpath, chroming. Her mouth and hands were covered with the spray paint she was inhaling from a plastic bag. That kind of put a downer on the rest of the day.