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ice queen

Quick post

Postcards went in the mail today. If you requested one, keep an eye out. Let me know if they arrive! 

ION, very behind in LJ-stuff, hope to catch up ... um ... maybe Friday?

Hope you're all doing well. 


Was just wondering if you were OK last night, having not seen you online for yonks. Glad to see you are.
Hello! Yeah, things have been kinda crazy here, lately. Haven't really had time to post except when I'm too tired to post! Hope things are going well your end, will try to catch up on what you've been posting soon - probably not today, however, as I have an early christmas feast to go to soon. And I'm a bit hungover from last night ;-)
I was thinking about you the other day. Glad to know you're ok.
Hey there! Yeah, I've been flat-out. I'm going to try to catch up on what I've been missing soon, but I have an early christmas feast to go to today, so I'll see what time I get home/how I feel when I get home. Maybe at work tomorrow ... everyone will probably be slacking a little since we one the election! Hope you're doing well. *smooch*
hey rilestar, pete here :)

How's things? Thought I'd surprise ya with a couple of things. Firstly being me getting off my arse and creating a LJ account to post with :) and secondly as of yesterday we have 2 more cats :D

one's a black cat with a couple of small white spots kerry has some photos of them :) and the other cat is a mixture between domonique and dion. being a silver cat with black stripes and white feet :)

The cat's names are Mac (black cat) and Brain (Grey Cat). Steve fathering the grey one and I am fathering the black one. At the moment they are both staying in my room. So plenty of long nights ahead.

Anywaysm just came here to say hi, and to see how you were :) cya later Rilestar!! :D
Hey, huggy! great to see you with an LJ - and I love the name :-) Don't forget to read it, though. K has one, but she doesn't check up very often. Ma told me about your kitties, and they sound adorable. I'd love to see some photos (hint, hint!) Smooches to you! (and I love your icon :-))