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drinky time

WOO-FUCKING-HOO! A somewhat drunken election post.

Up yours, John Howard!!! No more (capital-L) Liberal (conservative) government for us! (Not that the Labor party is really that much different ...) But at least we have a chance now of undoing the worst of the excesses.

The measure of a people is how we treat the least fortunate amongst us. Australia has not been a country to be proud of for quite some time. Perhaps now we have a chance to push for improvements.

I don't need a plasma -screen tv - I need to know that we are not fucking over the less fortunate in order to make a buck. The pressure is on us now to push the Labor party to live up to the ideals they were founded upon.

But this - is a damn fine start. 

(I don't really have an icon to suit this post, but this one kinda reflects the last 5 hours for me ;-))


Aaaaaaand, hey, Julia Gillard as deputy-PM! She'll be the first female president, which is just fantastic :)

Also, I shall write your fic, I promise. Sorry :S Did you have a particular 5 things prompt?
I know, isn't it cool? It's about time we started seeing some women in the top spots. If we can trust women to raise our future generations (the kids), why not trust them with the future of the country? I'm so glad to see John Howard gone!!!

Oh, the prompt! Yeah, I meant to get back to you on that ... busy day, yesterday! Ummmm, 5 times J/R get outed? Or, demonstrate they love each other? I don't know! eeek. brain not worky, too much wine last night ;-)
*grins* Mmm, tired, otherwise I'd make a detailed an highly intelligent reply.

Also, posted here. I hope you like it!
I am so thrilled for all of you! I can only hope my fellow Americans do the same in the 2008 election!

Thank you! I'm ridiculously happy. I know there's still a long fight ahead, but at least we have a chance of improving things now. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys next year.
Congratulations! And good luck with the changes in the future!
Thank you! And hey, good luck with your changes, too. Congratulations on giving the job the boot, and best of luck with the move. It's great that you're taking charge of making your life better - it's the only way it happens! I hope things work out well :-)

I believe the appropriate response is \O/!
Yay y'all!
\o/ indeed! We just got shouted lunch at the Shanghai Dumpling House by our boss to celebrate, now everyone's drinking again. Back to real work tomorrow :-) This is just the beginning, but it's a bloody good beginning!

(and now I'm off to explode from excessive dumplinging.)
She's not kidding folks! She likes her dumplings :D