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Your silliness is noted.

Well. Whaddya know.

 I just discovered what a 'rutabaga' is. It is, my fellow Australians, merely the humble swede. Huh.


do you actually eat it, though? Outside the Great Plains here, the rutabaga is mostly a myth used to frighten children.
We Australians believe that to eat the flesh of the mighty and fearsome swede is to take on the strength and fearsomeness of the swede. Especially if eaten in soup.
I think here only Swedes* eat swedes. It may be to avoid the unfortunate cannibalistic overtones that they changed the name.

*...ish Americans. Like my mother, who came out of the Plains ten years ago and hasn't been able to look a root vegetable in the face since.
I've got to wonder, though - "rutabaga"??? WTF?
Okay, scratch that question.

"Rutabaga" (from dialectal Swedish "rotabagge", root ram) is the common American term for the plant. Oh, wiki - is there nothing you don't know?

Thank you dear -your gifts made me smile. =)
\o/ Good. And you have a postcard on the way to you - you were actually first in to ask for one!
Where's mine? :P

bake him away toys :)
Thanks for the postcard...received it yesterday :D