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ice queen

Ignore my icon!

Christmas is officially back on!

sapote3, you rock like a monkey!!! A great, rocking monkey that is cuddly and smells good (the best kind of monkey).

Seriously - you even thought of my cat!

Also ... mexican hot chocolate? I haven't been able to buy that for like, 10 years ... I can't tell you how loudly I squealed!

and, and a killer-squirrel finger puppet! and a daniel boone hat! american wafery things! an appalachian fridge magnet! beeswax lip balm! stickers with bugs on 'em!!!!!! 

ps: dion loves the ladybird (\o/ ladybird!)

Many thanks, too, to dragontattfor the cute snowmen card. A well-travelled card ... you forgot to put 'Australia' on it, and they sent it to Brunei Darussalam! I guess they only half-read the 'Brunswick' bit ... :-)


I know! I saw it and started laughing ... Brunei??? WTF?