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ice queen

Ignore my icon!

Christmas is officially back on!

sapote3, you rock like a monkey!!! A great, rocking monkey that is cuddly and smells good (the best kind of monkey).

Seriously - you even thought of my cat!

Also ... mexican hot chocolate? I haven't been able to buy that for like, 10 years ... I can't tell you how loudly I squealed!

and, and a killer-squirrel finger puppet! and a daniel boone hat! american wafery things! an appalachian fridge magnet! beeswax lip balm! stickers with bugs on 'em!!!!!! 

ps: dion loves the ladybird (\o/ ladybird!)

Many thanks, too, to dragontattfor the cute snowmen card. A well-travelled card ... you forgot to put 'Australia' on it, and they sent it to Brunei Darussalam! I guess they only half-read the 'Brunswick' bit ... :-)


I WAS VERY EXCITED!!! Getting packages is *heaps* of fun! My friends totally don't get the Daniel Boone hat, but I was so stoked! I was yelling: "IT'S A DANIEL BOONE HAT! IT'S A DANIEL BOONE HAT!" And we've discovered that if you look at the squirrel from one angle, it looks cute and friendly. From the other - homocidial maniac. Also, I am still squeeing over the Mexican hot chocolate. Seriously. They used to sell it in Launceston at the Unemployed Workers' Union wholefoods shop, but they stopped stocking it about 10 years ago, to much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst my circle (more like an ellipse, really) of friends. AND YOU BOUGHT LADYBIRD & BEE STUFF! You, my dear, are very cool.