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ice queen

Sunday is cooking day!!!

Over the past week I bought cookie cutters, different colours of icing, edible sparkles, pastry brushes, and all the ingredients needed to make gingerbread men. And not just *any* gingerbread men! Check 'em out!

John and Rodney gingerbread men!!! Note Rodney's blue shirt and blue jacket panels. Note his beautiful bright-blue eyes! See Sheppard's hair, and hazel eyes and (look really closely) - his thigh holster! Notice the combat boots on their feet, and their charcoal uniform, and Sheppard's black t-shirt!

Also - Disco McShep!
Notice Rodney's shiny blue disco shirt! And John's chest hair and wristband! See John's boxers peaking out over his low-slung pants! Notice the disco sparkles all around!!! Aren't they pretty?

 Awww, he has John's hair and Rodney's eyes! \o/

I wasn't the only one having fun. Check out Lea's raver-boy:

And Alana's scaaaary offerings:

Messy but tasty!!! I haven't been able to bring myself to eat them yet. Who should go first?


hehe :}

they are fatties :P
HA! Yes, they are :-) But sooo cute!
Awww ♥
Hee! They're too cute to eat!
John and Rodney? Where is Titof????
Ha! Well, I do have a stack of "naked" gingerbread men left ... and some black icing. I guess I could draw on some tattoos - but I think it's a little too late to mould his most identifiable feature!
I think it's a little too late to mould his most identifiable feature!

Heh, just use some thick icing and then stick it to the back of another gingerbread man who, of course, would have the 0 expression for a mouth :-)

I'm a little too into this...

Haha! Yes, you have thought this through too much, I think! \o/
Sooo cute! We made gingerbread men this week too, but my niece was in charge - not such a good idea! She substituted ginger powder for fresh ginger when no-one was looking meaning that eventually we had over 200 times too much ginger powder (seriously, 2 whole bottles; no idea what the girl was thinking!). When they came out they were so gingery one bite left people gagging and running for a glass of cold water. My sister ate them loyally and told her daughter she liked them. Guy and I crushed some and added it to apple crumble mix to make a sort of much milder gingery apple crumble, which was yummy.