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ice queen

Oh, I wish I'd bought my camera!

The weather here is awesome today! This is the Melbourne summer I love - hot and sticky one minute, and then suddenly a sky-full of water is dumped on the streets. The gutters are overflowing, and the cars crossing LaTrobe St on Queen are creating huge spraying waves of water. Times like this I wish I drove, so I could carry my camera around without it getting drenched on the way to and from. 

This week has been interminably long. Very little work to do, but still stuck at the office from 9 to 5. I can hardly wait for the weekend. Drinks tonight with Kathy & Johanna, and Alana flies out tomorrow. Sandy heads to Tasmania, too, this Sunday. This will be my first Christmas Day alone - not something I have a problem with. I'm so glad that I'll be having two weeks off! 

ETA: 15 Days to new SGA!!!


So if you could send us some of the heat and the rain, we'd be ever so grateful.....lol.
Sorry, matey - I'd gladly give you the heat, but we're in a drought - we need the rain ourselves. We're on Stage 3 water restrictions again. What's it like up your end of the world? Snow? We don't get snow here :-( I wish we had really cold winters - that'd rock. (I love cold weather, in case you hadn't figured that out!)
Right now it's cold, but we're down 9 inches for the year in rain and only have about 90 days supply left in the reservoir. And no snow.....:-(

Central NC doesn't normally get too much snow- usually 1 good storm every 3 years or so. But we are pretty good at the hellacious (sp?) ice storms.
90 days ... yikes. What happens after that, if the circs don't change?