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ice queen

Help me.

I'm thinking of buying an iPod. Talk me out of it?


Thanks for your answer. Everyone I spoke to was in favour of them (although I did get some teasing for being so "trendy"...) I got one yesterday - the 30GB video kind. It replaces my busted 5GB Creative Zen player (note to self: ALWAYS remove headphones before stashing in bag...) I've downloaded a video podcast of spanish lessons to complement my classes (well, I hope they will!) and spent last night putting on stacks of music I've not had the chance to hear since I don't have an amp or speakers. Will make tramming to work and back (more)fun and/or educational!
Ooh that sounds pretty good. I just use my computer since I can't go out anywhere, but if I were to go out I'd need a lot of space for songs!