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ice queen

Summer is banned, okay?

That's it - I'm putting my foot down. It's almost 11.30pm and it's still 34 degrees Celcius. (That's 93.2 Fahrenheit, for you old-skool types.) It actually got to 42 degrees C today (107.6F) . Who's bright idea was that? OH MY GOD, I HATE SUMMER. Come back, winter - all is forgiven.

NYE tonight ... meh. I hate these forced celebrations. What exactly are we celebrating, again? Don't mind me, I'm just cranky because I'm out of gin & iced tea (BEST SUMMER DRINK EVER). 

If you *are* celebrating where you are ... have a good one! Me, I'm just sweating and wishing I had air con. And pouting.

My icon is wishful thinking.


Wow, we should switch places. I'm sick of the cold already. Actually, it's not so much the cold, but having to scrape my car windows in the dark, and the having to battle the roads that are slick, sucks.

Have a happy new year!
Oh, gladly! It was 42 again today, but finally dropped off in the afternoon. Maximum of 25 tomorrow THANK GOD! I'm a real winter-lover, and also don't cope well with the heat physically. What I wouldn't give for a bit of lovely icy weather right now! What's more depressing is that our winters aren't that cold anymore, either.

Best wishes to you for 08!
*g* It's so funny that you're in the middle of Summer when it's mid-winter here. Christmas in Summer, sun shining-- no, I can't really imagine that. To me-- Christmas is always accompanied with Winter and bad weather. :o)

Two weeks ago the temperature went down to -6°Celcius. It was great. :o) It's supposed to get that cold again by the end of this week.

I'm definitely celebrating tonight, so Happy New Year and my New Year's wish for you is a blast of cold weather coming your way. :o)
Oh, I envy you your cold Christmases! I dread summer each year, I'm not made for the heat! Unfortunately, our winters seem to be getting warmer too. Very disappointing!

Hope you had a great party! The temperature has dropped down from 42 to 21, and will only reach 25 tomorrow, thankfully! All the best for 08!
Wow- thanks for reminding me how much I hate summer. Of course it's been pretty warm here too- you know, for winter. Today's gonna be 57, but the last couple of days it's been in the 70's. That's way too high for the middle of winter, but at least we got a little rain the last couple of days. The drought is down to only -7.1 inches for the year. But now that the year is over, will it all reset? Will we be normal? lol I don't think so.

(BTW- You'd asked the other day what happens if it all just runs out? The 'powers-that-be' in Raleigh do have some plans in mind, including adding equipment to suck all the silt out of the bottom of the reservoir for clarification before processing- that would give the area another 3 months maybe. But since every little town around here gets its water from its own place, that won't help Holly Springs. Durham (where my sis lives) is gonna use the water filling an old rock quarry. Mostly, however, I think everyone is just praying for hurricane season to start and that we get a good drenching one or two before too long.)

Anyways- have a happy, and non-eventful, new year's, hun!!

*pours you a cool iced tea, and offers you the bottle*

Oh- and <3 your icon!!

Edited at 2007-12-31 02:16 pm (UTC)
Heh. Not often you hear off people praying for hurricane season! You crazy North Carolinians! I'd definitely take cold weather over hot any day.

Oh, iced tea - how I love it. I love it even more when mixed with gin. Mmmmm.

IT IS SIMILARLY HOT HERE AND I AM DYING. Even wearing a vest and pyjama shorts I'm melting. I've eaten enough ice blocks today to shore up melting ice shelves. Seriously, I'm using freezer packs as "cold water bottles", cuddling them lovingly for the 10 minutes it takes the inside to become luke warm liquid before I have to put them back in the freezer. Doing bugger all for NYE, except hoping to cool off. Poor kitty is lying on the porch looking like he's wishing for death; am trying to decide if he'd be happier or sadder if i tried a gentle room temperature water sponging (I'm thinking the evaporation might help him).

Happy New year anyway!

Oh, I like your freezer block idea!!! We set up fans at each end of the room, put them on maximum and then sat as still as humanly possible. It's really terrible for the poor kitties, isn't it - all covered in fur. D is looking really skinny at the moment, she's definitely shed all her winter coat. She's been spending the days lying flaked out on the carpet, then moving to another spot to see if that's any cooler. It's down to 21 now, thankfully, and will max at 25 tomorrow.

Hope you ended up having a good night! All the best for 08!
yeah sucks big hairys

i wont be visiting you until it's below 25
I don't blame you. Saturday is supposed to be hideous, but Sunday and Monday are both meant to be under 25. I'm back at work on Tuesday.