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ice queen

Oh, dear god. What were they thinking?

So, I finally got around to seeing The Bourne Ultimatum. Really good, by the way - I liked it heaps more than The Bourne Supremacy. One thing really fucked with my head, however. Why the hell did they cast Albert Finney as Dr Hirsch, given how much he looks like Brian Cox (whose character killed himself at the end of The Bourne Supremacy)??? I was watching it thinking, "So ... what - Abbott didn't kill himself, it was all a scam???" It wasn't until I saw Finney's name in the credits as a different character that I realised my mistake. Jeez. Make things difficult, why don't you???


God- so I'm not the only one who was confused as fuck about that, huh? I think that's what threw me off, cause I ended up hardly watching it, and that sucks cause I loved the first 2.
It was really confusing, but I still loved the movie over all. I think it was a dumb move to cast Finney - he's a great actor, but jeez he looks like Cox!
Why did they change it so much from the books, which I so greatly enjoyed, was what I thought when i watched the movies.
I didn't mind the books, but they are quite dense (which means lots of paring down is needed to make a film) and also, quite dated. Books and movies never match up well, they're too different from each other.