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PS: Why, yes - I *am* a geek.


Mushroom Steak: 

Use those big, flat field mushrooms. Dip them in beaten egg and coat in a mix of Parmesan Cheese and breadcrumbs. Fry like a steak. Mmmmm, delicioso!


Heh. I guess no-one really needed to be told that I'm a geek, huh?
Great pic =)
I've been meaning to take that for a while - it's on the way out to the airport. I saw it last week when we picked Alana up, and my brother loaned me his mobile to take the photo (hence the crappy quality). Finally!!!
I have your parcel sitting here, but realise that i don't actually have your new address (although i think you gave it to me sometime - it's no-where that I can find!). So - new address pls? Then i will pop it in the posty =)