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ice queen


 A good, happy, surprise Friday night.

I was meant to go to a thing at a colleague's house, just some little drinkies and nibblies, but got a last minute emergency-babysitter request from Dan & Bree, whose babysitter for almost-four-months-old Isaac had cancelled at the last minute. Dan & Bree had been given tickets (Christmas present) to tonight's Low concert at the East Brunswick and I know how hard it is for people with a baby to get out and do stuff, so I cancelled my drinkie plan and agreed to babysit. However, just before Dan was due to pick me up, he rang to say that Isaac was screaming his head off and refusing to settle, so Bree decided to stay with him and she offered me her ticket to the gig. So - I ended up with a freebie Low concert - with Mick Turner (from Dirty Three) as the opening act! The gig was part of a series being held where they pretty much only play one particular album - which is decided by the promoter. Tonight they featured the 2001 album Things I Lost In The Fire. The opening track was Sunflower, the first song I ever heard of theirs (on a mix CD Dan had made me for Christmas that year). I love that song, and they didn't play it last time I saw them. Ah. Very cool. Also, Mick Turner is a freakin' LEGEND. I was gonna upload Sunflower for you to hear, but I can't find it. Eh.

Other cool things today: my John Sheppard action figures arrived. One of them comes with a ZPM (I've gotta wonder why it came with Sheppard, and not Rodney). One of the other accessories is ... a lemon! Bad John! Lemons make Rodney die! I think Sheppard needs a spanking for that!

Finishing off the night with a nice glass of red while the kitty acts all adorable and smoochie-like. *smooches kitty*

I'm very tired. I wonder if this entry makes any sense. 

ETA: There's one thing that is annoying about hugging people who are taller than you ... you often end up with a shoulder crushing your windpipe. 

Also, aesc- get better soon!


It really came with a lemon? WTF! HAHAHA.