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Sheppards, pie and home improvements.

Busy, busy weekend - spent playing with toys, shopping for home fixer-upper type stuff, and cooking. As mentioned previously, my Sheppard toys arrived Friday, so I spent today divesting them of their acres of packaging and having some fun. Yesterday Alana and I took a trip to Bunnings (enormous hardware store) and finally got some paint to pretty up the big, second-hand bookcases we'd bought for the storage room and for the lounge for our DVDs, videos, CDs & cassettes. We also picked up some prettier pots for some of our plants, as well as picking up some new plants (Gerbera, Celosia, Marjoram, French Tarragon, Dwarf Red Cos Lettuce, Chicory & Beetroot). We also hit the grocery stores yesterday, so we had a bit of a cooking binge today -  I made bread and a vegetarian Shepherd's Pie and Alana made the best sweet & sour sauce. Thought I'd share some pics of my weekend with you. 


1) Sheppard Squared (and check out the lemon!); 2) A ZPM and a skin condition (why does he get the ZPM? And why no five o'clock shadow on his upper lip?) Click the images to see larger versions.

The boys get to know each other:   And Dolly chills in the yard:
Bookcase -  before, during and after:

Garden-y pics:

The passionfruit vine, and in perspective. 

Celosia (flame plants); and kitty sez what?


Pretty bookcase! Also - why no Rodney dolls?
Thank you! We're going to do the other bookcase in the reverse colours - dark green on the inside, the lighter on the outside.

Rodney, for some bizarre reason, isn't due to be released until April. Mind you, Sheppard was due to be released in August ... so maybe I can expect to buy Rodney next August??? Don't you worry - I'll be getting him, too!
Hahaha! He's got some weird skin condition. What's that all about? I love how they're in a time warp where they can get it on together. Which turns me on a lot more than the thought of Rodney getting in there :-)

Nice job on the bookcase!
Maybe the guy who made them was jealous of the pretty, and decided to uglify him! "Ha! Take that, Sheppard! Not so pretty now, huh?"

While I do like the two of them together, nothing will beat dropping Rodney into the mix :-p

And thanks!
Wow, that place is entirely cute!
Thank you! I love my place. If I won the lotto I'd buy it (and put in air conditioning!)