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ice queen


I can't believe you made me a dalek! You are such a sweetheart! 
Yes, dragontatt - I'm talking to you. 


He arrived today - perfect timing as I was home sick (a crappy virus) and was therefore on hand to open the door to the mailman. I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to introduce him to his new family straight away ... check out the pics below.

Introducing Mr Dalek:                 The family portrait:


And the bookcase back where it should be ... if not yet filled up again:
 The Dalek & friends live on the top.

Thank you so much, V - you rock. That was such a wonderful surprise! It really made my day.
*smooches you again*

ETA: I should mention K9 - he was made for me yonks ago by the lovely andricongirl, isn't he cute too?


oh I wish i had sent you a msg now, i was over your way today :\

and yay daleks! :]
Oh well, you might just have ended up with my virus. We do need to catch up soon, though.

And I agree - \o/
OMG! That is so cute! dragontatt is so gifted when it comes to crocheting, proven by this wonderful Dalek and the Danny/Martin dolls sitting on my bed. There isn't anything she can't make. :o)
Aren't you sweet....*blushes*

Now I get to show off by using my lovely new <lj user=smilla02) icon!!
She *is* clever, isn't she? Anyone who can make a dalek cuddly has a special talent! And your D/M dolls are gorgeous!
Yay! You got it- I always worry (especially after the xmas card thing- I mean srsly Brunei? lol).
Brandon said I should tell you I was *tarting* to make a trash can and it got outta control. I didn't realize it was gonna be so big (around, I mean), so I think you got the mother of all Daleks....

Glad you like it, and love you very much!!
eeep- that of course should be *starting*...but *tarting* has a certain ring to it anyways...
Heh, yeah - this one came directly to me, without the world tour! He is so cuddly! Thank you so very much - you tricksy little minx! You kept that a big secret!

And your new crochet icons are things of joy. Yay for smilla02.