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ice queen

Silver linings.

It's funny how things work out.

Yesterday was my 2nd anniversary of moving to Melbourne. I was supposed to go for drinks after work at Horse Bazaar (like I did last year) and then head on to The Forum to see Sufjan Stevens live. Instead, I ended up off work for the second day, and was too sick to go to the gig. Since the ticket cost $68, I didn't want it to go to waste and gave it to Alana's friend, Shay.

Alana, her bf & Shay apparently were treated to an awesome gig, while I flopped around feeling ill and somewhat sorry for myself (hey - his show featured him, a rock band, wind & brass ensembles, and video projections. No wonder I was feeling sorry for myself!). This morning, though, as I dragged myself to the couch, I found a letter from Alana on the coffee table ... weighted down by Sufjan's earlier CD, Michigan, which I didn't own. She'd bought it for me since I couldn't go to the gig.  Isn't she sweet? Don't I have the *nicest* flatmate/friend ever? I'm a very lucky girl. 

Still feeling like crap, though, so I'm going to lie on the couch and read while the tennis plays in the background. 

*sprinkles good feelings and wishes over my f-list*


poor riles :[

thats nice of lan :}

I wish i could have gone tio the gig as well

one day ill come steal some music off ya :}
You busy this weekend? Maybe you should come around ...
yeah busy :\

got bbq things tomorrow, sunday were going to davids familys
Feel better soon!
Thanks, Sham!
Shame hon; hope you feel better soon. I dreamed about you and Melbourne last night; must write it up.
Thanks. Oh, was it a scary dream??? I wish you could come back :-)
Realistically I will probably come and visit my sister sometime in the next few years so I might =)