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:Life is a strange little chicken ... changing all the time.

1. Ouch - recovered from the virus only to slip on the kitchen floor as I was coming in from outside (where it had been raining). Grabbed the door to try to prevent crashing to the ground (and I was terrified I'd hurt my ankle again). Unfortunately, the door is a sliding door. The door moved and I got ditched on my tailbone. Now I'm all wrenched and bruised. OUCH, MY POOR BUM! Makes me aware how much we use our butt muscles!!!

2. Argh - my brother sent me an extra stick of ram to speed up my computer. I tried installing it last night, and then my computer wouldn't start. Took twenty minutes of switching sticks back and forth before it would even turn on ... only to find that it appears my onboard video card is dead - I had nothing but tartan patterns on my monitor. Now I'm waiting on my brother sending me a spare plugin video card ... until then I have to use my laptop. I MISS MY PROPER COMPUTER. I hope the new video card solves the problem.

3. Yay! - nimnod, your package arrived yesterday. You're such a funny little sausage - I cracked up at your message to the customs guys! Rest assured, although they again opened the package they didn't take anything out. When my computer is working again I look forward to hearing the Saffie music. Also interested in reading the poetry. Thanks heaps for all they yummy stuff - and I look forward to using the Chocolate soap! Mmmmm, clean.

That's it. Back to work. They don't pay me to update this.


Oh poor thing- I did something similar one time when I slipped in the shower and grabbed the door to *not* fall on my butt. I pulled something and hurt for weeks and weeks.....hope it's not the same for you and your butt.

And tell you brother to not send faulty stuff that messes up your computer-lol. Obviously it was his fault.

*hugs you*
Yes, here's to a speedy recovery of my butt!

Heh. I'm afraid it's more likely that I somehow fucked up the video card trying to instal the ram. I was very dubious about doing it myself - I know nothing about the internal workings of computers. I was worried I'd fuck it up and it seems that I have :-(

Thanks for the hugs!
doh! doh! doh!
Lol, so you see, my message clearly worked! =D *chuckle*
Hee! I'm looking forward to trying to grow some illegal Proteas!