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It's about bloody time.




How are the feelings running throughout the country?

Re: Awesome.

It's so great. Everyone I have spoken to is *so* happy. Most people think it's way past due. They're also really unhappy with the Opposition Leader's speech, which basically made it all about money again. The Liberal (conservative) government (who were voted out last November) had refused to apologise, saying that it would open the way for compensation claims that the country couldn't afford. There are certainly some who think like that, and there are others who say, "Well, *I* had nothing to do with the Stolen Generations - why should I apologise?", but the majority of Australians really, really wanted an official "Sorry" from the government. It's huge, and I'm so glad it's finally happened. Canada already did something similar, didn't it?

Re: Awesome.

It's like Thabo Mbeki refusing to talk about any links btwn HIV and AIDs because then the govt would have to explain why they were giving themselves larger salaries but not funding the antiretroviral program. I'm glad they apologised; it's the principle of the thing.

Re: Awesome.

I'm glad they apologised; it's the principle of the thing.

That's exactly it. Everyone knew the last government refused to apologise because of fear of compensation claims. Everyone also knows that it wasn't the recent governments that were behind the wholesale taking of Aboriginal children from their parents, but to acknowledge that it happened, and that it was a bad thing and that we regret that it happened is the right thing to do. I'm so glad it's finally happened.
I was just thinking about you yesterday, and thinking you'd not posted for ages and wondering how you were.
I've been sick a bit, and work has been busy. Also, my internet connection at work makes posting an actual entry a huge drama. My main home computer has been out of action for two weeks, and I've only just got it back. Also kinda felt like my life is too boring to post about :-) (Not that that's stopped me before :-/)