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ice queen

Many things, all over the place.


Secondly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mausi!  

Well, it's actually the day after her birthday over here, but you know Americans - always a day behind! Have a fantastic day, hon.


Check out the copyright info! Sleepy kitteh!

1) My new Bento Box - notice the copyright? Hee!          2) SLEEPY KITTEH!

From my trip to Mornington Peninsula last month. The boat is moored at Mornington, and the second photo is taken from up Mt Arthur.


1) Bubbles in my backyard
2) It's not all fun & games, being a gargoyle.


1) Random photo of my kitchen - note Shiny MkII (my beautiful coffee pot died and I had to buy another one) and the dishwasher we never use. Also note the gas oven, which doesn't work. There's an electric oven out of shot to the right. See that coffee mug? I use that EVERY morning. It was given to me by a lady after I made a training video (for free) for her partial-quadraplegic son (so his lay carers can follow the exercises).She gave me a bunch of stuff she'd made at university, before she had to leave to take care of her son. She made beautiful stuff. It's a shame she can't make more.
2) Gerberas are even cool when they die.


1) A dragonfly in my backyard.
2) The future of coconut milk. Mmmm, coconut milk.

I'm entirely giddy from the idea of two weeks off. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee! Also, I have the best boss ever. He sent me home at 3.30 yesterday, so I could start my holiday early. He said it was because I'd done such a good job this week. DOESN'T HE ROCK?

Lastly - my da is youtube crazy, and has been sending me clips of my cousins' band on youtube. The only one he didn't send me is one of my favourites of theirs. Feel like watching a song? If You See Kay, by Poster Children. My cousins are Rick and Jim, the two straight-haired guys, and Rose the bassist is married to Rick. 

Hello, everyone! *waves*

ETA: The Poster Children ode to David Hasselhoff, He's My Star - hee! I'd forgotten that one! I love that song.


Holiday YAY. Photopost yay, and also, you have a Lube Sheep bento box! Did you get it off the internet, or do they just have these things in Australia?

Awww kitteh.
\o/ Holidays!

I got my bento box of ebay. They probably do sell them around here (large Asian population), but I wanted one faster so I got it online.

Heh. Kitteh sleeps alot. She's dropping off right now, in fact.
ok- lube sheep? rawr.....

The pic from Mt Arthur is beautiful.

And I read that words as gerbils which are not quite so cool when they die....lols.

Have fun on vacation, hon!

Oh dear, is the lube sheep inspiring you to write nasty, wrong pr0n?

It was quite a nice view from up there ... if a little confusing. I was trying to take some pictures and I kept getting confused - when you are looking down the mountain, you'll find that the blue stuff *above* the tops of the trees is actually water, and not sky ... threw me off a bit!

Ew, dead gerbils :-(

Thanks! I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
i think lube sheep is an instruction ;p

yay holidays , and as i am still an unemployed bum in the day(boo) we can catch up some time
oh and Moochi feets!!
EEK! Moochie says QUIT IT!
she luvs it!
First, find a sheep ....

we should definitely catch up! Wanna come over this week and help me make cookies?

sorry about the job :-( theys are stoopid eedjits.
mm cookies.

if i can find the moneys for a tram ticket I shall! :]
Lube sheep - the mind boggles...
Carson pr0n!
I'm sorry, your cousins are in Poster Children? I fucking love them.

That was an ode to david hasselhoff? //chokes//
Cool! It's nice to hear that people like them. I only met them in person once, when I was 16 and their parents brought them over to Australia. Their parents came back again in ... 93, I think. They're really nice people.

And it was about Knight Rider-era, pre-Baywatch Hasselhoff. Heh. You should go read the lyrics on their website!
Are you going to kill me if I use Junior Citizen on a fanmix?
Shit, no! That'd be cool - good music should be shared!