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ice queen

Dear god.

 I am such a loser. I just cut my finger open on a loaf of bread.


I picked up the loaf I made yesterday to slice off some for toast, and slashed my finger ... possibly on a hyper-vicious sesame seed. Still, the bread was very tasty. I'm trying to get used to organic peanut butter - it's closer to a thick tahini than the ordinary sugared-up peanut butter. 

Well, still on holidays. Don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday. The past week has been great in that I've been paid not to go to work, but the weather has been so hot I haven't really been able to do anything. It appears that Melbourne weather has forgotten that it's autumn - for the past week we've had an average of 36C (98F). The heatwave finally broke just before lunch yesterday - after an overnight low of 28C (82.4F). Oy. I found it bemusing that yesterday's afternoon temperature of 24C was lower than the temperature at 5am yesterday. Fortunately, the next week is only going to be around 23/24. Phew.

andricongirl - now that the heat is broken we need to catch up. (Also, sorry to hear about your teeth, you poor thing!)


Poor finger....*smooches it*

Your weather sounds nasty-yuck. Make sure you stay indoors.

Also- I promise I'm getting close to the end of the chapter...may I send it off to you when I'm done?

Hee - thanks!

Weather is *heaps* better now. The only time I went anywhere during the last week was on Saturday, and I got pretty heat-strokey from driving around in the car (no A/C ... in fact, we don't have A/C at home, either, so that makes it harder).

Hell yes - send it on! Go you!
yeah would be cool, maybe we could meet up one arvo before i start work,
i start 7;30 tomorrow
6 on friday
7;30 sat
and 5 on sunday

so a time for coffee perhaps before that ?

monday im not sure what im doing , and tuesday is big ouch day in the morning and recovery til until work on wed eve.
how about tomorrow, then?
I've got an extra shift starting at three tomorrow now ..
so maybe coffee round 1:30, or could do friday ?
1.30 tomorrow sounds fine. Where would you like to meet?
in the bourke st. mall , near the big purse thing ?
apparently not major injury? Given that you proceeded with your sandwich? And yay continuing vacations, and I am trying to send you some of our cold-and-chilly weather. Through the power of my mind.
heh, no - no fingers hanging by a thread. a little blood, and now a bandaid. 'twas a sharp edge of the crust, from where i'd scored the top before baking.

Go, mindpower! i'm dying for cold weather. hatehatehate summer.

hey, glad your sister is staying with you.

With all due respect for your injury, m'dear, I totally just golf-clapped you. ;D

Fair call, fair call.
Bread injury! That's awesomely Monty Python. *hugs*
Heh. I followed it up with almost choking to death on a lentil as I taste-tested the lentil stew I cooked for dinner. My food is out to get me!
Oh, poor finger! Will it be okay and be like new or will it keep some damage? *is worried*

I was just thinking of you this morning... you had been a bit silent and I even thought you might be on vacation, as you live... down under!

Oh, no - it's not a serious cut. It was just a little cut, with only a tiny amount of blood. I just thought it was very funny that I cut myself on bread, and not a knife!

I haven't been on LJ much as my computer is in the hottest room in the house (my bedroom). I do have a laptop in the lounge room, but if I'm out there then I am usually sidetracked by Alana. She has gone to Tasmania for a holiday, though, so I might be around a bit more!

Hope you are well. *hugs you back*