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Go! Go now! Watch this - it's the cartoon version of the making of Whittaker's Chocolate. It's awesome

Also, go here: http://www.celebmatch.com/showcelebrity_categoryid-31330.php - you can match your compatibility with Joe Flanigan based on biorhythms! You can also check your compatibility with David Hewlett. Apparently, my compatibility with Senor Joe is higher than with his mighty Davidness: 83% to 75% (and that's including 100% physical compatibility and 96% intellectual compatibility with Joe! *snorts* It seems I'm only 33% compatible physically with David, but get 93% on intellectual and 97% on emotional.) So you see - tis meant to be. I'm off to catch a plane to snare my (83%) perfect man!

Or I would be, if I wasn't coming down with the flu. Got the whole sore neck-constant headache-general all-over ooginess thing going on. Blech. 

Going now. Hi/bye everyone.


Compatibility with David Hewlett:

physical 46% (ZOMG NOOOO! SADFACE!)
emotional 78%
intellectual 100% (OK, but does this really make up for the 46%?!)
total 75%

We'd probably be the sort of good friends who have great chats and can share things but never get it on. Damnit!

P.S. Feel better soon =)

Hey, I scored 33 on the physical - at least you did better than me!

Sigh. We'll never bag the DH. :-(

PS: Thank you!
With Joe, I'm 61% total (99% emotional though- are we both emo?)and David- 73% total (92% physical...bow chicka wow wow).

*BUT* with Enrique...96% physical, 97% emotional and 5% intelletual....who needs to talk about smart stuff anyways? lol (66% total)

Eric...78%physical, 100%emotional, and 50%intellectual = 76% total

So my lovely Eric is my best match over all.....*sigh*....although if I could mix and match that'd be better-lol.

Sorry about your flu, dearie...get some rest.
Heh. I'd checked against Enrique and Eric too - 75% for both. Joe still looks like my best bet! Although ... I could do even better if I hooked up with Joe AND David at the same time!!!

Will try to get SITT back to you soon! I was about to nudge you - you've been a bit quiet, you okay?