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Oh, Boston Legal - my love for you is deep and boundless.

I have nothing else to say on that topic.

Actually, I have nothing much else to say on any topic.

Over the weird 'flu thing, work was busy today. Had a good weekend. It involved cheese and friends.

Alana is housesitting in a flash city pad for a couple of weeks, so I'll have to amuse myself. I wish I was more amusing.

Here, have some random photos:


A couple of stencils from Blair St, Brunswick.

Did you know Gerberas are shy? Even the tiny-weeny baby one in the second picture!

 See the dress on the left? I like it. It'd look crap on me, but still I can admire it. It's olive green velvet with black tulle at the bottom. 

 Sandy & Linn.

Linn, Sandy and I all did Honours in Philosophy together. Linn now has her PhD, and Sandy is working on his. I never did finish my Honours. Meh. Linn dropped by unexpectedly last Sunday, and we all had a great catch up. Here she is being all motherly and telling 
Sandy he needs some meat on his bones. (Sandy lives in my suburb. We had lost touch, and I ran into him by chance at the supermarket a few months after I moved here. Yay for chance!)

Well, it's late and I'm already behind on sleep so I'm off. Tell me, chickies, how goes the day?


It goes ok. Haven't achieved much - buggered around on the web a lot ;) Going to try and drag myself to gym just now though...
Heh. The first bit sounds more like my speed! The gym, eh? You know, I can never see that written down without thinking of Homer Simpson's pronunciation (ie, "gime"). You enterprising youngster. Btw, I meant to comment on your lovely family pics the other day - your nevvies *do* look like you!!! They look like nice young'uns.
I rather like them =)

thats a long way for Linn just to drop by :p
Heh, yeah. She was heading back through to Tassie from QLD.
Eraserhead! Gad, haven't seen that since college. I wonder if it's as weird as I thought it was then?

I like the one on the left best as well - nice colour and decent straps. Strapless dresses rarely do much for the average womans figure, especially if she's busty. If I had a dime for every woman I've seen in a strapless bridal or evening gown that really shouldn't have been, I'd be a rich girl.
Hey, you! I was thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were doing.

Yeah, I have a feeling Eraserhead is *exactly* as weird as you remember.

Oh, yeah - with you on the strapless. Mind you, I've always had big'uns, so strapless has always been out for me. I have my pride.
I think that dress would look nice on you, it would show off your small waist which we never see!