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sharing the melodious love.

My little sis, gollygirl, asked me to upload her any Joe Henry albums I have, and I thought I'd offer you the links as well.

Fireman's Wedding 
Trampoline LP

And she offered me the download link for the Trampoline single - if you don't know Joe, you might like to download this first. It's mid-nineties alt.country. 

Also, while I was looking through my CDs for the Joe Henry albums, I finally found the disk I'd been after for a couple of years. I was looking for some MP3s I'd downloaded legally off the Subpop and Matador record label websites, and which aren't available on those sites any more. I knew I'd burnt them onto the end of another album I was copying but couldn't remember which one (turned out to be PJ Harvey). Well, since I was putting stuff on the net anyway, thought I'd share a few more with you! 

Long Fin Killie with Mark E Smith - Heads of Dead Surfers
Solex - Shoot Shoot
Free Kitten - Teeny Weeny Boppie
Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action

For the trivia buffs, Long Fin Killie are Scottish, Mark E Smith is the lead singer of The Fall. Solex ... can't remember much about her. Free Kitten used to be a side project for Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, and also featured Mark Ibold of Pavement, Julie Cafritz from Pussy Galore and Yoshimi from The Boredoms.

I don't know if anyone ever downloads the music I put up, but - what the hell. Someone might like them.

ION, just saw the droopy-haired Joe Flanigan on Women's Murder Club ... he looks so sad with flat hair! (And yet, still very attractive!)


I would be downloading them like a shot but i'm yet again at 118% of my allocated Internet quota... =/
It sux that you have such a low ceiling on downloads :-( I love my 30GB, even though I rarely come near it (I did exceed it once ... d/ling SGA - the entire first two seasons!)