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Oh, I forgot to tell ya!

 Cut for courtesy. It's not really that interesting, but some might care to know. Especially family.
I know, it's been - what? 14 months since the leg brace was removed? Well, I've been having problems with my foot, as a carry-over from the ankle injury. You probably don't remember, but the diagnosis ended up being that I'd completely snapped two of the three ligaments in the Lateral Ligament Complex - on the outside of my ankle. The broken ligaments included the strongest ligament of the three. Well, as a result, my walk has changed, as the remaining weakling ligament doesn't hold my foot in the right place. I've been unwittingly putting a lot of stress on the outside of my foot as a result of the misplacement of my foot. My friend suggested I get a stretchy elastic ankle brace, to 'encourage' my foot to remain in the correct position. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I went to a chemist this morning and the pharmacist helped me choose one. Once it was in place ... 90% of the pain just disappeared! It has made *such* a difference! I've been happy all day, and really anticipating getting back into a lot of walking. \o/  Yay for no annoying foot/ankle pain!


:-) makes me happy. I used to walk lots before the injury, and being in a leg brace for so long meant I put on extra weight ... I was still overweight before, but I was relatively fit. I've been really wanting to regain those fitness levels and lose at least the weight I put on during that time, but haven't been able to walk enough to do so. Can now, though!
I love walking too. I'm trying to get back into it- so unfit! 20 minutes walking on a treadmill makes the backs of my calves ache at the moment. Hopefully in a week or so's time that'll improve!
Wow- has it been that long since your brace came off? We've known each other a long time, huh?

I'm glad you found something that'll help you feel better. It's been a looooong time since I (last) screwed up my ankle and I know occasionally it still hurts, with the weather and whatnot....so yay!
Heh, yeah - we have, actually!

I'm really happy about this, as I haven't been able to get my fitness levels back to what they were before and lose the extra weight I put on (I was still overweight before, but relatively fit despite it.)

Wow- has it been that long since your brace came off? We've known each other a long time, huh?

That was about the first thing I thought at the start of this post, too. :D

Great to hear you're 90% down on the pain-scale, Riley!
Heh. It's probably been that long since we had lifted arms together, too! Should catch up over a drink sometime!
Oh wow! That's awesome!
I has happy feets!
Gah! I can totally commiserate on the foot pain. It really screws up your life, doesn't it? It's great the support is helping, but what about long-term? Is there physical therapy you can get into to strengthen the ligaments again?
:-( I just caught up with your foot problems on your journal ... BOO FOR YOUR FOOT! God, feet play such a huge part in our day-to-day lives ...

With regard to PT - I don't think anything will strengthen the remaining ligament, I don't know if they can actually "tighten up" again, once they've been stretched. The plan has been to strengthen the ankle muscles so that they take over some of the job of the missing ligaments. Lots of balancing on one foot and scrunching up of my toes. I'm sure that walking more will help - it should certainly help reduce the extra weight I've been carrying since being out of action for so long! It'd be good to put less strain on my poor old ankle ;-)

I hope your plantar fascia heals up as fast as humanly possible. *kisses your foot better*
That is good news! I know how much ankle pain sucks and your injury was worse than mine :/