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sparky 2

Hee. Sometimes I'm glad I'm me.

Was meant to go see Juno tonight, but haven't been sleeping lately and thought I wouldn't be able to focus on it properly. Still went for a drink and dinner beforehand with my colleague, Annie, who went on to the movie. Went to this *awesome* vegetarian restaurant called Shakahari, on Faraday St, Carlton. *drools* Oh, the avocado & roast capsicum tempura rolls!!! The caramelised pumpkin & crushed pinenut pan-fried agnolotti dumplings! Oh, the magnificent green salad, with roasted cashews & fresh oregano and the tastiest dressing! We decided to share 3 entrees instead of ordering mains, and they were *fantastic*. Definitely going back there. 

When I got home I was bombarded with text messages - invites for a catchup with old mate Dan, and a bit of a back'n'forward "what've you been up to" with another old friend, Arwen. Things took a slightly depressing turn with some bill-paying email discussions with Alana - who, if you remember, is house-sitting in the flash city pad. Then the phone rang - it was Alana, wondering if I could explain the weird and somewhat worrying behaviour exhibited by Coko Moloko, the young kitten she is looking after while house-sitting. I couldn't explain the behaviour, so she called the owners. A short while later she texts me - kitteh is on heat!!! Seems J&C didn't get the little one fixed yet ... so Lan gets to experience the joy of a young miss in search of some sexin'. A search which is going to be quite irritating for a while, and ultimately FAIL. Poor kitteh. Know the feeling ;-\  No wonder I didn't recognise the symptoms, though - my old girl is 18 and a half, and has been well and truly snipped for 18 years of that!

Well, tired but don't think I"ll sleep yet, so I'm gonna go vague out in front of Ocean's Twelve on the box.


yeah they have yummy foods :]
havent been there for a while, it is a bit expensive ;[
I'm drooling at the food descriptions, gnawing on my dried pears here...