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Saturday, it's Saturday.

Oh, actually - it's Sunday now. But now my brain is singing "A Rollerskating jam named Saturday". La la.

Today - it was a good day. I miss my flatmate. But she came to spend the day at home (remember, she is housesitting with a kitteh-on-heat in town). Had a nice poached egg/fakin'bacon/onion/thyme brekkie with her, and then headed off to Bunnings to look for mushroom growing kits. WE'RE GONNA GROW OUR OWN MUSHROOMS. HOW COOL IS THAT??? Also picked up some cat grass for D - Lan has been so conscientious with our garden there is actually no grass for kitty. When I brought it home and showed D, she followed me outside and sat contentedly munching on the grass for a few minutes. = 1 happy old girl. \o/

Sandy came over for dinner (usual assortment of glorious cheeses for nibblies, followed by dumplings & spring onion pancakes, then coffee/cointreau ice cream). In the absence of new SG:A we've been rewatching Firefly (3-4 eps per week.) Tonight included the one where Inara entertains her female client. While I appreciate that Joss shows same sex relationships on TV while many still ignore them (or stereotype them), I'd appreciate it more if it was two hot guys instead of two girls again. *pouts*

I heard some stuff today that I haven't heard for a while. Lan had her ipod plugged through the car stereo, and at one point we heard "Flux=Rad" from Pavement's "Wowee Zowee" album... and I realised IT HAS BEEN ALTOGETHER TOO LONG SINCE I SAT DOWN AND LISTENED TO THAT ALBUM. Actually, I think I'll go and upload so I can share with you. Also, I really need to get hold of Loreena McKennit's "The Mask and the Mirror". Right. I'm off to rip and upload!

PS: My icon is in favour of some man-on-man action. As am I.

ETA: bought this shittake pate at the organic wholefoods today ... really tasty. Then it hit me - it tastes just like liverwurst. Weird. 

ETA2: It strikes me that although I like many, varied kinds of music, no performer/band has ever matched my aesthetic my brain as well as Pavement. Here's Flux=Rad, and here's AT&T, both from their fifth album, Wowee Zowee. Be aware - you may hate them. Many do. But for me, no band has ever really meant as much. I love them, and that's what matters to me.


I'd appreciate it more if it was two hot guys instead of two girls again.
Hear hear.

Wish i could get teh music but alas, at 115% of quota again!
Glad you had a nice day, and growing mushrooms= very very cool!

I d/l'ed your songs and will let you know what I think whenever I get around to listening....*smiles sheepishly*

And yay! for man-on-man action- heh. As if you didn't know how I felt.