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sparky 2

Yay for stuff that happens!

What I found on my desk this morning:

Thanks to Corey and his boyfriend, Albie. ♥

Nice things I do for my cat #1: And two-tone chilis in my garden!

Because my office was hideous before ... I existed in the shell of the previous occupant. It only took me almost two years to get fed up and arrange for a smaller desk so I could have it across the room instead of along the wall. View from my seat, and from the door. Yes, that is Sheppard guarding my computer ;-)

Eye candy and diversions on my notice board:

My whiteboard, complete with fingerpuppet philosophers, fake plastic sausages, and graffiti:

Dinner tonight with Kathy at the Shanghai Dumpling House:

Been suffering badly from anaemia, but the daily (since Saturday) double-dose of iron tablets is starting to kick in so things are much better. Now I'm going to watch one of my rationed episodes of Traders. *sigh* Oh, DH!

nimnod, you get yourself better, okay? Don't make me come over there!
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See, that's the kinda office I would want- with little funny cute stuff to amuse and delight. Of course it might get overrun with the funny cute stuff, so maybe it's a good thing I don't really have one....
Yeah, toys are great. People keep coming in to pose Jorge & Blair, the studmuffins on the bookshelves. Very disturbing when Corey and Lisa make Blair rim Buttfinger, the mad squirrel fingerpuppet Sapote3 gave me ;-)

I'm also Provider of the Office Lollies - I keep a box on my desk filled with sherbert lollies for everyone else to eat.
Ooooh, pretty! I love yellow. It's so soothing.

I WANT A HOUSE OF DUMPLINGS!!! Why, why, why can't there be dumplings anywhere near where I live??
It's funny, I actually disliked the yellow from the start ... until your comment made me aware that with the change of layout & desk, I no longer dislike it!

I often think of you when I buy dumplings, and feel sorry for you :-/
LOL. I'll try. *pats the pretty rodney pic*
Hope you are feeling better ;-)

I can't wait for my Rodney doll to get here, so he and Sheppard can get lovey in the office!