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ice queen


 What the hell is up with megaupload.com? I actually threw in the cash for a month's membership so that I could download the Traders eps without the d/l restrictions, and am currently experiencing - for the second time in 5 days - another 24 hour period where I cannot connect at all to megaupload, and therefore can't download anything. 

Has anyone else experienced problems with it lately? 

ETA: eh. Little sister genius suggested using another browser, and whaddya know? Go Firefox. It opened fine with that.


Hey, yay! Also, where are you downloading it from? I can't find it anywhere. *wibbles*

Anyway, hi. How are you?
It's a secret ;-) ... check your email!

I'm doing good, now! How's the schooling thing going for you?
The schooling thing...Well, it's going. Painfully, painfully slowly.

God, so slowly.

But yeah, it's pretty good. *nodnod*
You paid for it too!

Seriously, I did it so I could download Queer as Folk eps. I'm impatient. And it's so much faster. And you can do two at a time. My computer probably hates me, but I love it.
Yeah ... so many eps, no way could I wait 24 hours in between downloads! Too.damn.long!
Yay I'm a genius! Finally the world knows!
Heh. Like the world reads my journal ... dream on!
Firefox: the way, the truth and the light. ;)