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ice queen

The reason I don't bother with doctors...

My boss just bullied me into going to see a doctor as I've been suffering from vertigo (the room spins and I fall over) and a fever since Monday. Also some headaches, muscle aches. My boss - who used to be a nurse - was concerned about the possibility of an inner ear infection.

... So I go to the doctor and he decides it's "probably viral" and prescribes rest, fluids & paracetamol - all without taking my temperature or looking in my ears to rule out an inner ear infection. Now, I do agree with his diagnosis - which is why I hadn't bothered to go see a doctor, figuring it'll clear up on its own - but wouldn't you think he'd at least take a look at my ears, since vertigo is a typical symptom of inner ear problems? Especially since he took the time to check my blood pressure 4 times?


PS: clockstopper, I've started your beta and will work on it more tomorrow, as I have the day off (and have to lie around and rest anyway.)


What? He sounds alarmingly quack-ish!
Heh. He sounds like a typical doctor to me!
I assume he was drinking while he was examining you?

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Well, he sure smiled an awful lot. Maybe he'd taken a hit of something before I came in.

Thanks! Me too. Sick of fever sweats, and the room should only swing like that if I've had a godalmighty amount of alcohol.
doctors suck .

hope you feel better soon
Amen, sister.

Thanks. How're you doing after your teef torture?
it's ok.
i go back in 2 1/2 weeks for more fillings.

we shall have to catch up for your birthdee next week some time
I do hate doctors so. I had a weird experience with one when i wanted to get the gardasil vaccine and he asked if i was sexually active and I was like... er not for awhile now, gave him exactly how long and he went, hmm, it's a lot of money for someone who really isn't at risk much. I was like, yes, thank you for telling me that trying to be prepared and protected is a bad thing and also looking at me like I'm a weirdo.

YAY! But also, no yay because you're sick. It's confliction here.
Yeah, doctors are freaks with their own hangups and pre-conceptions which they push onto us. I've known doctors who refuse to prescribe the pill because they are Catholic. Gah.

Heh. Yeah, being sick sux, but it means I won't be distracted by having to actually work. ... Only by the lure of the next Traders episode!
Catholics are like crazy. I'm allowed to say that because I am one. I was just... Doctors can be weirdos. I know because I know quite a few as well.

I would totally understand if you were lured away by the Hewlett. I am lured away by him quite often.
Thanks so much!
Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you're feeling better soon! Also, I finally got the parcel - thanks so much! Apparently the value is Ozzie dollars worked out at over R400 which is their cut off point for what they consider a "gift" (who knew, and also - how stupid!) but because of that it got ensnared in customs big time and was thus delayed. I'm dying to try making something out of the sheets of soap (just because stationery one can bath with is so cool!).

Thank you! And thanks for your virtual gift! It popped up bang on midnight on my birthday, and was very welcome!

I am glad you finally got it - I hope they didn't make you pay anything to collect it??? I'll be careful what I write on it next time!

Heh - the craft kit ... I got such a kick out of the idea I just had to buy it for someone!