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ice queen

WOO! I'm older!

Yep. Yesterday = best birthday evah. All I pretty much did was eat really well and slob a lot. 

Saturday I took Alana & Marty & Sandy to Shakahari's for a belated birthday dinner for Alana - soooo tasty yet again. Avocado & roast capsicum tempura rolls followed by Vegetarian Laksa. Mmmmm. Homer-drool.

Then on Sunday (my bday) Alana made me the best breakfast ever - omelette with home-grown mushrooms and goat's cheese. Later, she took me out to buy me lunch at Tom Phat (cafe that does typical cafe food with an Asian influence). Best lunch ever. Sticky Soy Wrap - marinated tofu & Asian greens wrapped in a roti, and we split some french fries with basil mayo. Also had best smoothie ever - coffee, cinnamon & banana. Then on to the supermarket for groceries, so Alana could cook me the best dinner ever - pita bread pizzas and an ENORMOUS chocolate-pecan pie (that's pronounced PEE-CAN, weird American guys) with Homer Hudson Vanilla ice cream. Now I'm living on lettuce leaves to make up. Not really. Living on good Shiraz, actually. 

Scooped the pool with surprisingly good birthday gifts, too, btw.
Alana bought me the most *awesome* cookbook. So can't wait to make stuff for people. She also made me a Rodney McKay T-shirt:

The atlantis=rodney logo is based on a local company's logo, which normally reads either 'atlantis=solutions' or 'atlantis=logistics'. It has a pic on the left sleeve and pics around the bottom of the shirt (I have a Rodney!bum!)

My sister gave me another cookbook, I also received a fantastic scarf, cool chopsticks and lip balm, a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker (the unholy union of a cocktail shaker with a mortar & pestle); a mobile phone; soap & bodycream (surprise gift from my aunt); $50 voucher for Borders' book store; $30 voucher for JB HiFi (dvds & cds); lots of cash, and more to come. I'm spoilt.

Thanks also to nimnod, for her birthday wishes & v-gift, ditto to the lovely dragontatt, also to carrieross  for the actual cardboard card sent via snail mail, and to the cheek-pinchingly cute clockstopper  for her birthday wishes & fic offer! My boss at work today asked how old I was, and then exclaimed over how I was suited to being the subject of Marianne Faithfull's The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan. Yeah, thanks Marg. I actually really like that song. It's a great song for when you're depressed. I like to listen to depressing songs when I'm depressed. It's like the singers are saying: "You're not the first person to feel this way, bitch! Get over it!" So I feel ashamed and get over it. No depression for me right now, though. Nope, nothing but a nose full of mucous!!! HA! Sharing is caring, f-list! Nothing is TMI for you!

Jeez. That's it. Either the stuffed sinuses or the ohsofine Shiraz has gone to my head. I'm outta here. I leave you with a bonus picture: An autumn afternoon in downtown Melbourne, shot from the fourth floor of my (work) building.


I missed your birthday. *headdesk* I'm sorry.

With this post I'd like to wish you a belated happy birthday.

So great to read that you had a wonderful day. :o)
Oh, don't worry about that!

Thanks for the wishes, always appreciated!

Hey, nice icon!
glad you had a good day

let me know when your free , well have to catch up sometime soon.
well, we could do lunch this week? or catch up on the weekend? I was thinking about you today! wondering how you were doing...
what time do you have lunch break ?
i could try come in maybe wednesday or somethjing ?
or could meet up after work ?
go for tea somewhere ?

I usually take lunch at 12, but I'm flexible.
Wednesday lunch is out, as we're doing the Hare Krishna thing for a colleague's birthday. Or after work is fine, any day should be good for that.
Hate to break this to you, honey, but a PEE-Can is what a long distance trucker uses....unless you're a Southerner like me, then it's a nut-lol.

Glad to hear you had a nice birthday and all the food and gifts sound yummy!
Nope, that's how you say it, out there in the the rest of the world. Do you guys say "pehc-an" or something? (On the topic of which, I was horrified to see, in the latest episode of House MD, Americans pronouncing "quinine" [you say it "quin-een"] as "kwy-9" - is this actually common practice, or just on TV?)
Actually I usually say PEE-can, but it is also pronounced Puh-kahn ( I guess that's the way to write it clearly.)

Um- yeah it's kwy-9 here. How about aluminum? You have an extra 'i' in the very end?
Yes, for the love of God, yes! "Al-u-min-ee-uhm" LOL.
OMG, you guys really say 'kwy-9'??? YOU WACKY AMERICANS, YOU'RE ALL CRAZY.
So is "p'kahn" the Yankee pronunciation? (Bunch of weirdos! You're all nuts! lol)
I want a Rodney bum too. Although possibly my first choice would be still attached to a Rodney. Also, pretty Melbourne is pretty.
possibly my first choice would be still attached to a Rodney


And yeah, isn't she pretty? I do love Melbourne.

Hippy Birthday! :D
Why, sandshoe!
Happy belated birthday! I'm glad it was a nice day for you and yay for the roomate! She did some job on the t-shirt and shorts!
Thanks! Yeah, my housemate rocks. I'm a lucky (old) girl!
I made a special note to wish you happy birthday and it still slipped my mind. Darn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad your day was tasty.
Thank you! We eat very well in my house, SO MUCH TASTINESS CANNOT BE GOOD FOR YOU.
Happy Birthday!
Thanks! (and i love your icon ... oh, rodney! ♥
Holy crap, happy birthday!Zomg, awesomest shirt ever. b*eams*
Hee! Thanks :-)

And yeah, I love the shirt!

Ha! That's a great icon.
*beams* Isn't it?

Seriously, that smoothie sounds amazing. Did you get that at Tom Phat too?

Oh, God, bed now.
Oh, yeah - the smoothie was *awesome*. Yep, Tom Phat for that, as well.
That place is so cool!

Wow! What have you been up to, to be heading to bed so early? Or are you one of those weird "morning" people? I could never get to sleep so early!
Okay. I really have to check that place out.

Morning people? No, no, no; I am 100% human. I just didn't get to sleep the previous night til about 2:30. And then was dead during school, so. Ohyes, I'm wild.