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sparky 2


I can't access gmail ... is it just me?

God, it's so traumatic to be without gmail! I'm such a loser. 

ETA: Turns out to be a known issue with IE7. I finally found the help pages for Gmail and it had an alternate link to use. Actuallly, its first suggestion was to use FireFox, and I was about to swear at the screen, because I'm at work and we only get what we're given in terms of programmes - can't download and install anything else. But then I saw the alternate link, and it worked, so I switched my notifications back over and all is well with the world. *wipes brow*


Mine's just fine. Sorry, I know how it is to be without!
Found the issue was a known problem, and am using the alternate link, so it's back THANK GOD! My Gmail account is central!
Heh. Thanks. I was actuallly whimpering before, but I've got access again, so all's well!
heh , silly IE

what you up to tomorrow ?
wanna meet up or something ?
yeah! i'd love to catch up! it's been aaaaages!
or do you wanna come around and drink hot chocolate and bake cookies?
could do that , will need your addy again, or we could meet some where before hand go back to yours ?
as D is going out in the late arvo, maybe could meet round 2 or something ?
Okay, we could meet near the Target centre again, at 2?
ok , sounds good, will see you at 2 pm
It annoyed me that even the uber-nerds downstairs, who all use Firefox, won't let anyone use Firefox. Damn that Kieran and his totalitarian ways!

*shakes fist at Level 1*
I know! Gah, that really irritates me - he's so domineering and condescending!